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Cole Sprouse’s Reverse-Troll Instagram Account is a Must-Follow

ICYMI, the boy is as hilarious as he is beautiful.
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Photos courtesy of Instagram

“HARK, the triumvirate of ‘let-me-see-your-managers’ delegating their matriarch! Who is brash enough to sneak a photo? Ahhh yes, ‘twas the paisley Prius driver on the left. But this time there is no discount on a pair of shape-ups for you my dear, just internet notoriety." In layman's terms: To that paisley-wearing, Prius-driving woman who thought she managed to sneak a photo of me and proceeded to fulfill her stereotype by unnecessarily asking for the restaurant’s manager—I see you. And the Internet sees you.

Cole Sprouse is no stranger to professional and amateur paparazzi. Shooting to stardom at a young age thanks to Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, graduating with an archaeology degree from NYU, photographing for the likes of Vogue and W Magazine and, today, starring in The CW’s immensely successful show Riverdale, the intelligent and talented star has accumulated a fandom that knows to bounds—and, fan or not, it would be hard to find a person who doesn’t recognize his (and his twin brother’s) face. Since the somewhat sudden onset of social media, account-holders have taken it upon themselves to document their celebrity sightings—something that, although not intended to cause any harm, can cause even the most patient, camera-comfortable person to tire. Such is the case for Cole who has long proven his love and appreciation for his fans, but who has finally decided to give us a taste of their own medicine.

What better opportunity, therefore, for Cole to apply his passion for photography and wit than by creating an Instagram account entirely dedicated to the social media voyeurs he encounters every day. Photo after photo of cringe-worthy captures and laugh-out-loud captions, this account gives us endless entertainment and a taste of what people in the spotlight have to deal with every day.

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