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After NYS Gubernatorial Primary Loss, Cynthia Nixon Is Not Discouraged

Governor Cuomo may have won, but not without concessions.
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Incumbent New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo cinched the Democratic primary nomination for the fourth time yesterday. 

The victory was a decisive one with Cuomo coming in at almost 66 percent of the primary votes compared to Cynthia Nixon's 34 percent. And yet, notwithstanding a status quo that seems to have remained in tact, the actress-turned-activist remains optimistic that the New York primaries have already indicated a progressive wave sweeping through American politics. 

In Nixon's words: "While the result tonight wasn't what we had hoped for, I'm inspired. I hope you are too. We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state."

As a queer woman and a political novice in the high-rolling top tier of party officials, Cynthia Nixon's black sheep status didn't stop her policy visions from gaining the support of more than half a million New Yorkers. From abolishing ICE and fighting for queer rights, to fixing the MTA and ending cash bail, Nixon's liberalism seems to have reflected that of many a voter in the state–many of whom, particularly among the youth, the racial minorities, the women and the LGBTQ+ communities, had refrained from voting in the past

As such, Nixon reminds us all that with power comes responsibility—and re-prioritization. Despite having maintained a "center" position throughout his political career, the realities of the current climate will force Governor Cuomo to adopt policies that reflect as much of the left spectrum as possible. Not to mention that the American President played a significant role in the governor's campaign: "I want you, when you fill in that ballot, to be saying, 'No, President Trump, it's not just Andrew who disagrees with you. Every decent New Yorker disagrees with you,'" said Cuomo during a Long Island rally

The incumbent governor will run against Republican nominee Marc Molinaro in November. 

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