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A Gay Couple Just Got Royally Married

Just checking things off the gay agenda, one by one.
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The British Royal Family just witnessed it’s first-ever gay wedding this past weekend, at the tying of the knot between Lord Ivar Mountbatten—the 53-year-old cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and the great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria—and his longtime partner, James Coyle. Held in Devon, Lord Mountbatten and his spouse rang in the momentously historic (and personal too, I suppose) occasion surrounded by family and loved ones. 



Lord Mountbatten came out publicly in 2016 while also announcing his relationship with Coyle, an airline cabin services director. Despite the couple's affiliation with the Royal Family, the pair live a relatively quiet and private life, sharing bits and pieces on social media. While the extended family has roots all throughout the UK, it is interesting to note that Lord Mountbatten was both the first to publicly come out as gay and the first to have a same-sex wedding. 

Amidst all the Meghan Markle-fervor, the gays are finally getting their moment. We couldn't be happier for the couple and wish them all the best.

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