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Ilana Glazer's Synagogue Event Cancelled For Security Reasons

The Broad City co-creator's political event was supposed to feature a panel of politicians, journalists and comedians.
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According to the NYPD, several floors of Brooklyn's Union Temple had been vandalized with severe hate speech less than an hour before Broad City actress Ilana Glazer was slated to speak there.

"I can't put these 200 people who came to listen in a safe space...in that danger," Glazer explained this morning in an interview with Democracy Now! 

More than 200 excited ticket-holders had shown up to attend the panel discussion featuring New York senatorial candidate Andrew Gounardes, acclaimed journalist Amy Goodman and comedian Jim Gaffigan. At 8.30 PM, Glazer and her fellow organizers made their way through the crowds to explain their decision to cancel the event for security reasons. Their decision comes in light of the horrific anti-semitic murders in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Monday.

The event was the latest in a series hosted by Generator Collective: an organization aimed at "humanizing policy through storytelling." With each panel discussion, founders Ilana Glazer, Glennis Meagher and Ruby Anaya hope to translate current American policies into personal experiences and perspectives, making this country's political mechanics more digestible.

Hopefully last night's event was merely postponed and that there still exists safe spaces where citizens of any race and religion can gather to better understand this political climate. Until then, there are several ways that we can help stop the spread of hate: vote, volunteer and donate.

To learn more about Generator Collective, click here.

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