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Bill Cunningham Wrote a Secret Memoir

And luckily for us, it comes out this September, just in time for fashion week.
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Legendary New York City street photographer Bill Cunningham, a pioneer of his field, died in 2016, with much of his life left unexplained. Fortunately, it turns out that he left his relatives not only a photo archive worth upwards of $1 million, but also an entirely completed memoir. The find came as a bit of a surprise: Bill never told them that he was writing a book, and considering he was fiercely private, no one was expecting him to.

The manuscript was purchased by Christopher Richards, editor of the Penguin Press publishing house, and is now preparing it for publication.

Cunningham titled the book Fashion Climbing, making a reference to those days when he was just starting his way in the industry, especially considering his conservative family's disdain for his passion. Cheekily, on the cover, Cunningham made a postscript note: "What will the neighbors say?"

In the book, the prolific photographer talks about his childhood, his participation in the war in South Korea (where he decorated his helmet with flowers), moving to New York, and starting work in journalism.


The book will be released in September 2018, by the start of New York Fashion Week.

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