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Forbes Declares Kylie Jenner as One of America's Women Billionaires

All hail.
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If you've ever been a skeptic who denies the power of the Kardashian-Jenner family, now's a good a time as ever to see the light. Far from just your average reality tv show stars, they have singlehandedly transformed our world, subverting standards of beauty, success, and self-preservation. But if you still insist on denying the fact that America's most famous family "have no talent," then perhaps the youngest in the family can change your mind. Kylie Jenner, 21, has just been recognized as one of the richest young women in the United States according to Forbes, as their latest cover star. 

The young socialite is number 27 on the complete list, but is number 1 among the youngest — Taylor Swift and Beyoncé appear later. With her Kylie  Cosmetics empire, Jenner has amassed over $900 million, throughout the last three years.



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