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Leonardo DiCaprio Helps the Amazon

As activists try to bring awareness to the massive fire burning in South America (and threatening the world's oxygen supply), the actor has co-founded a charity and provided a generous starting donation.
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The Amazon has been burning for weeks on end, leading to grassroots activism and many prominent figures working to raise awareness as some turn a blind eye. And while the fires are still going and so much needs to happen to save the world from further effects of climate change, Leonardo DiCaprio has provided a new ray of hope. The accomplished Hollywood actor, who has only had more Oscars than you for two years but always has captivated fans with his talent, just donated $5 million to help with the Great Amazon Fire through Earth Alliance, the environmental organization he launched in July. The actor, who has proven activism is as important to him as his artistic work, explained that he made the donation in order to protect the life and biodiversity of the Amazon. In the announcement, he invited all to contribute in order to help the indigenous communities and local partners work to save the important resource.

For those who don't yet understand the magnitude of the Great Amazon Fire, the following might explain it: the Amazon Rainforest produces one-fifth of the oxygen in the world, and every minute, one-and-a-half football fields' worth of trees are burning away. Protecting this forest and others requires working together, as this is the way to reduce carbon emissions, which are the cause of global warming and climate change. Click here to contribute to the Earth Alliance's emergency Amazon Forest Fund.


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