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Mara Martin Breastfed Her Daughter on the Sports Illustrated Runway

The publication sent a clear message of body-positivity at this year's swimsuit show.
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Miami Fashion Week experienced a first when, on July 15, the beautiful Mara Martin sauntered down the catwalk while breastfeeding a baby. Why is this important, you ask?

Sports Illustrated is a publication that has always been considered synonymous with the ultimate feminine form. For this year's swimsuit show, the S.I. brand was truly represented by femininity in all its forms, with women of different figures, abilities, and backgrounds joining Mara Martin on the body-positive podium. 

The editor of Sports Illustrated later said that this specific moment was not planned. Mara, who was one of the 16 winners of S.I.'s open casting, was backstage feeding her 5-month-old daughter when the editor suggested she brought the baby with her. "I, myself, have breastfed and this is one of the most amazing things that a woman's body can do," she explained.

This event is also significant within the context of a larger movement advocating for a woman's right to breastfeed in public spaces. By featuring Mara Martin, Sports Illustrated contributed to an increasingly positive discourse—one that emphasizes that breastfeeding is normal and breastfeeding is beautiful.

Thus—wearing noise-canceling headphones and a diaper—the little Martin made her fashion week debut. 


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