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You Will Soon Be Able to Mute People on Instagram

The new update will be rolling out “over the coming weeks.”

Instagram has announced a new feature that will allow you to mute people from appearing on your feed. Gone will be the days of having to suffer through an annoying relative's blatant misuse of the Valencia filter, or seeing your high school frenemy post pictures of her daily iced lattes.

The feature will enable users to remove someone’s posts and/or stories from appearing on their Instagram main screen, while still retaining the guilt-free ability to view a muted person's profile. Even better is the fact that you can unmute someone whenever you like. 

Lucky for all of us, whoever's profile you decide to do away with will never find out—unless you decide to tell them. And while we're thankful to the folks at Instagram for this game-changing update, we're still (im)patiently waiting on that chronological timeline. 

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