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If You Wannabe a Spice Girl Again

We’re delighted to hear that the much-anticipated reunion of the girl band will indeed be taking place — even if only in the form of an exhibition in London.
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Although rumors of an official Spice Girls reunion (album, tour and all) have set the world abuzz for a little over a year, it is now safe to say that these rumors are more of an urban legend than a reality. That being said, the girls have certainly come together to give the world an opportunity to feel like a Spice Girl again through their upcoming exhibition in London.

From July 28 to August 20 of this year, SpiceUp will immerse visitors into the fabulous world of the 90s from the decade's hottest trends, the biggest events, to the most listened songs, including—you guessed it—Spice Up Your Life. More than 8,000 pieces have been prepared for this exhibition, including the costumes and personal belongings of five of the most famous women of the decade: Vicky, Mel B, Mel C, Geri, and Emma.

The SpiceUp exhibition promises to be a true homage to one of the biggest bands to grace popular culture. Now, the question is: which Spice Girl are you?

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