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Stephen Hawking Has Died at 76

The revolutionary cosmologist and physicist has passed away at 76, leaving behind a legacy that will live forever.
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Stephen Hawking—English theoretical physicist and revolutionary cosmologist—has died at 76 years old. One of the brightest minds of our time, he has secured his place in history thanks to his scientific work with black holes, exploration of theories of relativity, and his book, the ever-popular A Brief History of Time.

Hawking suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and was told he only had 2 years to live back in 1962. Fast-forward to 2017, Hawking defied those odds, all while contributing to the fields of math and science.

One could never have expected Hawking to have had such a huge impact on a global scale, but when it came to educating others, Hawkins was always sure to do so in a way that was understandable. With so many big ideas it's hard to imagine how he was able to do so. In honor of his passing, we've decided to repost this video that brilliantly explains his complex theories. Watch, below. 

Exploring the Complexity of Stephen Hawking

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