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Watch Emma Chamberlain Share Her Biggest Holiday Decoration Fail

We got crafty with the YouTube star while learning her favorite holiday traditions, whether she's ever been kissed under the mistletoe, and more.
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Video by Logan Rice
Interview by Alexander Silva and Caroline Mas
Styling by Sue Choi in Louis Vuitton

Emma Chamberlain is one of YouTube's most exciting stars. Having grown up during the internet age, the content creator quickly won the hearts of Gen Z with her hilariously honest videos. In 2017, she achieved her first viral video with her shopping-haul-slash-rant "we all owe the dollar store an apology," helping her to skyrocket to YouTube fame. Now, she's at the center of pop culture, collaborating with fellow creators and other big names for an audience of more than 8.5 million subscribers. She's attended Paris Fashion Week (twice!) with Louis Vuitton, become the poster child for the VSCO Girl phenomenon, and kept churning out viral content as she comes of age with the world watching.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we caught up with Chamberlain for a good old-fashioned holiday crafting session. While decorating a pair of gingerbread people, the YouTube star opened up about all things holiday, including her favorite Christmas tradition, her biggest decoration fail, and her experiences under the mistletoe. Watch the video below to see it all.



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