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Cultural Recommendations: How Did Our Dreams End Up Like This

This past weekend, the once-abandoned historic ruins of Governors Island were brought to life by five thousand extravagantly costumed celebs and 'It' people. 
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Photography by Loli Laboureau and Sam Wallander

On the night of October 29, while we ordinary folk were crammed into a viscose, bunny-ear, and fake-blood soaked club or house party, New York's best and brightest flocked to Governors Island to have an exclusive celebration of their own.

Far, far beyond your run-of-the-mill halloween shindig, How Did Our Dreams End Up Like This can only be described as an "immersive multi-sensory night-performance festival." Guests to this exclusive event (ticket only obviously) were privy to a plethora of hidden dancefloors, installations, performances and musicians/DJ's from around the world. Safe to say that Governors Island's haunting ruins were completely transformed for the likes of Lily Allen, Darren Aronofsky and Nina Agdal.

This once in a lifetime event was spearheaded by creative agencies You Are So Lucky and MATTE Projects: the people behind the city's most exclusive, unique and extravagant nightlife and entertainment experiences.

If, like us, you are slightly (read: severely) bummed out that your dreams ended up on Governors Island without you—fear not! Keep an eye out for their upcoming events here


In the meantime, check out some shots from the evening below.


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