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Our Coachella Party Was One of the Festival's Best-Kept Secrets

In an age where paid-for celebrity appearances and two-hour wait lines have become the norm for parties at Coachella, L’Officiel and Sunset/Studios decided to create a serene oasis in celebration of Weekend 1.
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Col3trane + Crew

Photography by Tanya Akim

Unlike the usual Coachella day party where there’s strictly standing room only, Sunset Studios & L’Officiel USA’s party at Korakia Pensione was chill vibes only. The event opened with activations by brands like McLaren, Pravana, Prive Reveaux, and YOUBAG. The installations took place throughout multiple air-conditioned bungalows on the beautiful floral-covered Moroccan-style property.

Guests were treated to Tito’s gluten-free vodka-infused passion fruit cocktails while lounging on day beds or swimming in the saltwater pool at the resplendent venue. Luxurious rose-gold Beboe pens were distributed by strain: Sativa for energy, or Indica for sleep.

Beautiful, British-born singer Ama Lou began the live performances, enchanting crowds with raspy acapella songs, a diamond-encrusted tooth and Normcore style. Between performances, guests replaced empty Heinekens and dined on home-made French-style soft scrambled eggs inside the L’Officiel USA bungalow. Despite the desert heat, Col3trane performed in a black hooded sweatshirt, belting out his new song “Superpowers” as a well-dressed entourage of new-wave British grunge bopped along.

The afternoon would continue in the open-sand atrium for a daytime disco dance party alongside Mad Tasty sparkling hemp water and DJ Mazurbate. As the sun went down, scantily-clad guests flocked to the polo fields to witness Ari-chella. Perhaps inspired by the relaxation and comfortable solace of the music and marijuana, some guests elected to spend the last hours of their Coachella lounging in bliss.

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