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Alda Fendi Opens New Cultural Landmark in Rome

Rome just got cooler!
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Rome has somewhat of an otherworldly appeal. With the historical splendor of the city’s centuries-old architecture and ancient ruins, fused with its bonafide cuisine and budding modern art scene, Rome is one of the few cities that ignites all of your senses. But even with its modern developments, the city is perpetually and unapologetically anchored by its cultural authenticity.

One of Rome’s latest developments was inaugurated with a lifesize resin sculpture of a Rhinoceros that appeared between the Circus Maximus and the Temple of Portunus earlier this year. The statue marked the opening of the base for the Fondazione Alda Fendi—Esperimenti featuring its gallery, Rhinoceros, in a six-story building that features art exhibition and performance spaces, along with 24 exclusive apartments designed by French architect Jean Nouvel in partnership with Spanish entrepreneur and Room Mate Group President and Founder, Kike Sarasola.

At Rooms of Rome palazzo rhinoceros, you’ll get to live in an artistically immersive space that offers a holistic cultural experience where architecture, art, and hospitality live beyond traditional boundaries. Jean Nouvel has preserved antiquated elements in his modern design to make you feel like you’re walking through a passage of time, with nods to Roman history, modernity, and never-ending construction that aesthetically defines imperial Rome at its core.

Instead of repairing the building’s aging walls, Jean Nouvel chose to preserve their ancient distinction. Adding modern amenities and furnishings to the backdrop of Roman ruins is a popular technique throughout the relic city. Nouvel imagined each apartment as a uniquely innovative space, designing them not as living spaces in the traditional sense, but rather creating “openable” areas where imperial Rome meets new. The modernity is contrasted with the decaying walls and views of imperial Rome: steel boxes open to kitchenettes and bathrooms, the furniture teeters on minimal and contemporary, and yet it’s all chaotically cohesive. Nouvel’s mission was to create a livable space that leaves travelers feeling like participants, as opposed to spectators.

On the fifth and sixth floors, connected to the exhibition gallery spaces is Caviar Kaspia Roma, a Parisian restaurant that fuses Russian and Italian flavors in what becomes a truly masterful gastronomic experience pioneered by chef Giovanni Giammarino. All of this is set against the backdrop of Imperial Rome’s magnificent views.

“Taking part of this extraordinary project with the creation of a mastermind like Jean Nouvel, with the artistic passion of the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti and with the gastronomic excellence of Caviar Kaspia is definitely an honor. I’m absolutely certain that entering the world of art, gastronomy and high-end hospitality will bring nothing but success to this marvelous experience,” says Kike Sarasola. “Actually, The Rooms of Rome is just the beginning of one of my upcoming projects, The Rooms of the World, that will take the most exceptional experiences to many cities across Europe and the world.”

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