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A Gift Guide for Your Daddy

When life gives you daddy issues, shop for your other zaddy.
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When I think of Father’s Day, the first thing I think of is Lindsay Lohan’s criminally underrated single Confessions of A Broken Heart (Daughter to Father). Scratch that, I think of Wendy William’s rendition of the song that she did for her live studio audience with her loud shoulder choreography. You cannot escape Father's Day guides without seeing shaving kits that will never be used, and socks that will never be worn. Instead of a list that would feature CBT and CBD, I decided to make a Gift Guide for the Daddy in your life. Open for your interpretation. in the honor of the great daddies:  Billy Bob Thorton, Idris Elba, the fictional Sandy Cohen- heck even Uncle Phill. Daddy Issues, but make them fashion! This is a City Girls Summer, so shop accordingly.



When we discuss iconic daddies in pop culture history, no name comes to the top of ones head faster than Billy Bob Thorton. Billy Bob Thornton wearing his trucker hats with a young Angelina Jolie will always be an aphrodisiac.

Von Dutch Flying Eyeball-White, $49 available here.


Etat Libre d Orange's infamous Secretions Magnifiques has notes of Blood, Sweat, and Semen. A niche perfume as the kids like to call it. He probably has a countertop full of colognes so this is more of a luxury novelty gift. 

SECRETIONS MAGNIFIQUES, $90 available here


Co-signed by Lebron James, nothing screams Upper West Side Art dealer- like a Thom Browne short suit. He still has to go to the office in summer- and the New York heat is not that girl. It will put him in a league of his own, with a breeze down below!

Thom Browne, Engineered Striped Side Seam Solid Wool Twill Skinny Shorts, $790, available here


Hugh Hefner made his red silk robe synonymous with playboys everywhere, but Tom Ford's Leopard Silk boxers give off the same sentiment with a bit more sex appeal and a lot less cringe.

Tom Ford, Leopard Silk Boxers, $93, available here


You and your older love may connect when it comes to your love of modern art. But as you most likely don't share the same financial situation This Rothko: No. 5/No 22 PRINT is perfectly chic and in your street art budget.


An age difference sometimes can hold a couple back, but re-runs can mend the gap. He may have watched The Nanny when it was on the air, and you watched it on Nick @ Nite so reminiscent in Fran Fine's fabulous antics with this box set of each season.

The Nanny Complete Box Set, $58 available here.


There is something incredibly sexy about vintage pictures of Clarke Gable with his pipe. But you know what isn't? The research behind nicotine and tobacco. This Glass One-Hitter Pipe from Various by Caleb Simon is perfect for your Green Dreams. It doesn’t come with a Transatlantic accent but who doesn’t love a big black pipe? 

Glass One Hitter Pipe, $165, available here.


What's the famous saying. What's yours is mine, what's mine is mine. And what's ours is really mine. That's how I feel about These Martine Rose Cowboy boots, accidentally buy them in your size and make sure they are final sale.

Martine Rose, Brown Cowboy Boots, $372 available here.


Listen, we've ALL seen that episode of Downton Abbey where Kemal Pamuk dies in bed under improper circumstances. I'm not risking it, neither should you!

Available at Life Alert


If you can have an old soul, then he can have younger looking skin. This Drunk Elephant 25%AHA, 2%BHA mask will have him reversing back in time, and looking like a dime (piece).

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, $80.00 available here.


The man in your life may have a Napoleon complex, but there is no height requirement to take this ride! And the chance of injury is small as the bike won't move, Woo!

Soul Cycle, NYC Super Soul 50 classes, $3,500, available here

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