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This Colombian Favorite Will Become Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

Finally arriving in America thanks to Cumbé, aguardiente will keep you cool through Labor Day and beyond.
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Between handmade Mochila bags and reggaeton artists like J.Balvin, Colombia has never been more on-trend. Now, a new spirits brand is bringing Colombia’s national drink into the spotlight, and we’re already hooked (in a good way). 

Aguardiente, or “guaro”, has earned a reputation as a standout South American product thanks to extensive documentation by bon vivants and explorers. The name literally translates to “fire water,” due to the drink's high alcohol content and bold taste. The licorice-flavored anise spirit has a base of sugarcane juice and was primarily exclusive to Colombia — until now. Cumbé Premium Aguardiente is the first brand to bring guaro to the United States. 

Using sugarcane that comes exclusively from the Cauca Valley, Cumbé’s dedicated production methods ensure the spirit goes down smoothly. Typically, aguardiente drinkers take it as a shot, but the spirit is also a useful ingredient in summer cocktails and pour-over desserts. Coming in small batches, the sophisticated spirit is also ideal for sipping neat due to its spicy-sweet nuances and complex flavor profile. 

Another defining characteristic of Cumbé is its excellent aroma — a must when searching for premium aguardiente. Each element of the spirit could easily stand out on its own, but amazingly, here they all band together to seriously awaken the senses.

This summer, make a Cumbé cocktail or sip it neat (on a full stomach). Try the recipe below at your next summer event; you’ll definitely experience new sides of yourself. 




-2 fl oz. of Cumbé Premium Aguardiente

-1.5 fl oz. of Grapefruit Juice

-4.5 fl oz. of Grapefruit Soda


Instructions: Fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Pour all ingredients. Give a quick stir, and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.




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