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Le Petit Prince Arrives in NYC and LA for the Holidays

Tory Burch is making sure we don't forget our inner child with the help of a classic French tale.
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How does Tory Burch, one of the world’s most successful designers and CEOs, make her holidays more fabulous? By bringing a childlike sense of French wonder to the streets of Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and her Holiday 2019 collection.

In 1943, French aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote a novella about the dangers of narrow-mindedness, grown-ups’ inability to perceive, and the enlightenment of exploration. Today, Le Petit Prince still serves as inspiration for some of the world’s most creative minds—and the words of a wise fox inspire many to live for love.

Tory Burch, a self-professed Francophile, partnered with Australian artist Timothy Paul Myers to reimagine Tory’s favorite book in an amazing show of whimsy and holiday cheer for her NYC and Beverly Hills storefront windows. Each element of the beloved story installation is brought to life in the window’s display with handcrafted 3-D paper-printed sculpture. A pair of fanciful foxes took the artist one month and 6 hands to complete. The handmade visual story is set against a digital backdrop of the Daydream print from Tory’s Holiday 2019 collection.

When we asked about her own relationship with what was voted France’s best book of the 20th Century, Tory tells us about her favorite lesson from Le Petit Prince. “I read The Little Prince when I was very young. Some of the things he said were lost on me at the time, but I loved the story. I kept coming back to it as I got older. I took a copy to college and later when I moved to New York City, and every time I reread it, I found new meaning. One of my favorite quotes: ‘And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.’”

Recapture the magic creativity of childhood this holiday season at Tory Burch storefronts on Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive through the end of the year.

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