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The Next Generation Lexus ES Is Here

The seventh-generation of the Lexus ES, known for its comfort, smooth ride, and impeccable design, has arrived. The 2019 model has an all-new chassis that adds to the all-new exterior design.
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2019 Lexus ES 300h Hero

It’s been nearly thirty years, and now, the seventh-generation of the Lexus ES is here. Known for its comfort, smooth ride, and impeccable design (inspired if I do say so myself by liner lines and architectural references of the early 2000s), the 2019 model has an all-new chassis that adds to the all-new exterior design. When compared to previous models, the new ES is pillow-soft quiet, roomier and gives off a new sharpened performance that comes to life through innovative technology.

Project Chief Designer, Yasuo Kajino, describes the look of the ES as “provocative elegance”. And, we’d have to agree. “The ES has always been an elegant luxury sedan. For this generation, we have added daring design elements that challenge the traditional expectations of buyers.”

While we could wax poetic about the exterior of this show-stopper for paragraphs, the interior is what makes this beauty one of a kind. The interior is designed to blend a driver-centric cockpit with spacious and comfortable areas for the passengers.

Lexus calls this concept “Seat in Control,” a simple idea that says, from the moment you get in, all the controls you need are within reach and all the information you want is in plain view. In the ES, the idea is taken a step further by placing all the main information displays within the driver’s line of sight. Not bad for those semi-short weekend trips outside of the City.

There’s more. The interior features three color schemes, four types of trim and three different material options for the seats. There’s also an all-new metallic trim that comes standard on the F SPORT model called Hadori Aluminum. Inspired by an ancient sword polishing process, Hadori Aluminum trim has a unique pattern that adds a three-dimensional appearance depending on the viewing angle. The effect is subtle yet indicative of the level of detail and craftsmanship that Kajino’s team put into giving the F-SPORT a unique place in the lineup.

With summer underway, and weekend road trips a must for all New York mainstays, the next best thing besides getting out of the City on weekends is getting there in an ES.



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