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The Obamas Can Give You The Holiday Home Of Your Dreams

Because vacationing like the Obamas is the next best thing to vacationing with them.
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Looking for a holiday home? The 7,000 square-foot Obama mansion is official on sale for $ 17.5 million. 


Located on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, the property boasts a beach and private dock, an infinity pool, a basketball court and a balcony. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, some might say that this property was more than a home but a trophy for the former First Family - and, boy, did they deserve it!


As described by the Sotheby International Auction House: "The space celebrates a panoramic view of the ocean, the immensity of sky and wonderful details in architecture." See it for yourself in the pictures below.

Cover photo: Pete Souza / White House Press Release

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