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Get a Tour of the First Luxury Hotel in Space

After conquering the world, Philippe Starck has set out to conquer space by designing the interiors of the first hotel on an International Space Station.
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In as early as 2022, a select few will be able to stay in the first luxury hotel in space courtesy of the endlessly imaginative French designer, Philippe Starck.

A world-renown high-end designer with a personal fascination in aviation and space, Starck was the obvious choice for Axiom—the first private space exploration company to imagine the possibility of having a hotel almost 408 km from Earth. The challenge? How to create a hotel that (literally) encapsulates both earthly luxuries and the unique demands of space. "My vision is to create a glamorous and comfortable egg. It must be an egg where the walls are soft and specifically designed to accommodate the weightless movements of a human body. This is as close as an ordinary person will get to the infinite. As such, the traveler should feel physically and mentally like he's floating in the universe," explains Philippe Starck.

Only 8 privileged individuals (aged 21+, of course) will be able to stay in these exuberant extraterrestrial boudoirs on two conditions: you must stay for exactly 10 days, and you must pay the modest sum of $55 million. But, considering the incredible view of Earth and the infinite universe out your window, we'd say that you'd be getting a bang for your buck.

See the newly released photos of the space hotel, below.

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