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You Can Trust These Sagittarius Birthstone-Inspired Gift Ideas

These zodiac-inspired products go far beyond jewelry to highlight why your friend is a true gem.
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As Scorpio season comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the Sagittariuses in our lives. Spooky season and the darker auras have passed, and we’re now into more optimistic and adventurous territory. Notorious for being truthful and trustworthy, Sagittariuses make excellent friends, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 incredible gifts for your deserving friend. Inspired by the November and December gemstones, topaz and zircon, respectively, these Sagittarius birthstone gifts are sure to please. 

Blue Topaz Earrings

Kicking off our list are these adorable blue topaz earrings. Blue Zircon is the primary December birthstone, but other blue gems, including blue topaz, are also accepted. Why not bring some sparkle into your favorite Sagittarius's life? 


Petite Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings, $495, Blue Nile

Topaz Perfume

Next up on our list is this Topaz perfume, as this November gem is just as much a Sagittarius birthstone as its December counterparts. While I’m not sure what topaz would smell like, the website says that would be a mix of tobacco leaf, oakwood, and bourbon. How festive

Topaz Perfume, $88, Birthstone Scents

Loewe Turquoise Bag

Since Turquoise is another December birthstone, we've added this chic turquoise Loewe bag to our list. Cute, bright, and bold, this bag is a great way to spread some love and some style. 

Turquoise Mini Hammock Bag, $1,330, Loewe

Silk Sleep Mask

Don't we all deserve a little pampering? Encourage your hard-working Sagittarius to get some rest in style with this soft, silky sleep mask. We're confident that they'll be eternally grateful. 

Slip Silk Zodiac Sleep Mask, $50, Anthropologie

Citrine Ring

Don't worry, we didn't forget a jewelry option for the November Sagittarius birthstone. We've selected this gorgeous citrine ring (featuring two diamonds) that is both delightfully simple and perfectly elegant. 

Mystic Ring, $680, ManiaMania

Zodiac Powder Compact

Instead of a boring, regular powder compact, why not get something a little more personalized? We suggest this Sagittarius-themed Estée Lauder powder compact, to give your gift a little bit of flair. 

Sagittarius Powder Compact, $75, Estée Lauder


Topaz Prada Bag

In honor of the November Sagittarius birthstone, topaz, we’ve picked this brown Prada bag for our list. Perfect for fall and the oncoming winter, this bag is sure to please your autumn-birthdayed friend. You're welcome.

Front Logo Hobo Bag, $1,990, Prada

Tanzanite Candle

An exciting twist on a December birthstone, this tanzanite candle is sure to be a hit. Comprising scents including amber, lily of the valley, and African sandalwood, this candle will sooth away anyone's winter blues


Tanzanite Candle, $42, Birthstone Scents

Rose Gold Arrow Necklace

This necklace isn’t Sagittarius birthstone inspired, but it’s still in the zodiac vein. The sign is also known as the Archer and is represented by a bow and arrow. So, voila, a beautiful arrow necklace is the perfect symbolic gift for your favorite Sagittarius. 

Arrow Pendant Rose Gold, $750, Tiffany

Turquoise Tinted Wine Glasses

Rounding out our Sagittarius gift guide are these blue-tinted wine glasses. Anthropologie claims they’re “purple motif,” but I have eyes and I deem these to be the perfect December-birthstone-inspired blue. These glasses are perfect for a winter wine night with friends, or, you know, a solo Tuesday evening. 

Waterfall Wine Glasses, $52, Anthropologie



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