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Scorpios is the Hottest Spot in Mykonos

Located on the Greek island's southern flank, the luxe location has become a popular attraction for chic people of all zodiac signs, including the Hadid sisters.
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It's that point of the summer where everyone is getting away, and if you're looking for a jet-setting destination, Mykonos just may be it. After all, Bella and Gigi Hadid vacationed there last week, and their viral photos helped to cement the Greek island's status as a trendy hotspot for the chicest among us. However, if you're really going for the high fashion experience, it takes more than simply making a beeline to the picture-perfect locale amidst the Aegean Sea. The only proper way to enjoy an elite Mykonos vacation is to keep your Soho House affinities going by heading to the club's island affiliate, Scorpios.

Soho House head Nick Jones recently took majority stake in the luxe attraction, beginning the members-only organization's foray into the beach market. Since its creation in 2015 by Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, this hybrid spot oscillating between club, restaurant, cultural center and spiritual retreat has become the definitive spot for A-listers and trendy tourists. Its hotel annex, called the San Giorgio, enjoys a 270-degree view of the Aegean, ensuring all who visit instantly fall in awestruck love.

The common point between Scorpios/San Giorgio and the Soho House empire? The importance that both entities place on atmosphere, emphasizing five axes: gastronomy, design, art, music and spirituality. Multi-faceted, Scorpios has surrounded itself with the best creative minds to build a strong, luxurious identity in harmony with its Greek roots. Featuring brilliant design by K-Studio under the guidance of Michael Schickinger and expert decorator of the wabi-sabi aesthetic Annabell Kutucu, Scorpios is the celebration of traditional Cycladic handicraft, raw materials, and the natural beauty of the island, resulting in an irresistible jet-set style that often sees copies, but rarely (if ever) meets its match. With the attraction's seven mesmerizing poles - the Slope and Oasis beaches, the Private Beach, the Terrace, the Sunset, the Restaurant, and the Bazaar shop - exploring Scorpios is like entering a spatio-temporal bubble. 


Becoming a playground for the best DJs at night, the Scorpios stands out with its restaurant, full of communal tables and featuring a menu by holistic nutrition master Alexis Zopas. Raising gastronomy to the rank of lifestyle, he highlights local produce on the plate as an artist does with subjects on canvas: his cuisine is colorful, generous, and full of emotions.

Connecting the body and mind of guests through aligning the senses and opening the chakras is a core mission in Scorpios' DNA. To achieve this, the destination offers rich musical and spiritual programming. At the kickoff of the given season, musicians, gurus, and experts in alternative practices are able to share their creativity and knowledge during concerts, meditation workshops, yoga sessions, massages, and more.

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Photo: Scorpios Mykonos

Paying attention to detail in order to offer an irreplaceable experience with each new visit, this hot concept and Soho House's involvement seems to promise the members-only organization craze will soon accompany its international clientele to the four corners of the world, from Miami to Ibiza through Tulum. The most successful models, celebrities, and elites on the planet have made this resort their summer base, and you can too—even if you're not a Scorpio.

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