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Seal it with a Gift: The Gastronome

Our guide to gifts for the discerning food and beverage enthusiast.
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Sure, the holidays are all about food and breaking bread with your nearest and dearest—but what about the other give/take 363 days of the year? Be they the adventurous eater, the ultra food snob or the Insta-foodie, your giftee is a food lover & appreciator all year-round. Forget the fact that toast and cereal are about the extent of your culinary expertise, L'Officiel USA is here with a list of gifts that are sure to get even the pickiest gatronomical mouths watering. 

Le Creuset Signature Set

Whatever your cooking skills, everyone knows that Le Creuset is the ultimate in luxury cookware. The company was founded in the quaint French town of Fresoy-le-Grand in 1925, where the incredible success of the brand's first product, 'the cocotte', launched what would be an extensive range of pots, pans, and utensils. Today, Le Creuset's tradition for excellence still stands with each cast iron product passing through 15 different artisanal hands at the company's original foundry before it is allowed to make its way to the world's premier kitchens. If your giftee is more of a food lover than maker, don't worry, Le Creuset's trademark 'if you know, you know' enameled look is an ultra-chic addition to every kitchen—plus the set comes in 8 different colors. Who knows, maybe the beauty of this 6-piece signature set will be enough to convince your gastronome to cook.

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A Champagne Saber

It was Napoleon's army that first had the brilliant idea of breaking open a champagne bottle with a sword to celebrate a victorious battle. Thankfully, though the tradition lives on, we no longer have to resort to opening our bottles with swords stained by the blood of our enemies. Vagnbys' champagne saber is as efficient as it is stunning: just slide the blade (made of a single piece of stainless steel, we might add) along the bottle's molding line and Pop! the bottle will break away in a single piece. Trust us, your gastronome will be pulling out this beautiful Vagnbys solid wood box for special occasions—and, hell, plain-jane Wednesday nights—to come.

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A Baccarat Harcourt 1841 Decanter

Created in 1841, the iconic Harcourt is the oldest design in the Baccarat archive and has been hand-picked by the likes of Pope John Paul II, the Queen of Thailand, the King of Morocco...and, soon, your gastronome giftee. Baccarat is famous for its immaculate crystal craftsmanship and this decanter is no different. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing from each and every angle, but its unique architecture also ensures optimum decantation for the smoothest of drinking experiences.

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A Hedley & Bennett Personalized Apron

This apron is perfect for any gastronome who tends to turn into a 'mad scientist' in the kitchen. Its handcrafted and rigorously tested utilitarian design promises to withstand whatever mischief takes place, whilst its lightweight yarn-dyed cotton is so darling that your gastronome won't want to take it off. Best of all, you can customize any of Hedley & Bennett's four aprons with your giftee's name or initials for that additional chic and special detail.

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Urbani Deluxe Truffle Basket

These dark nuggets might look like coal but, trust us, this truffle basket will be a wonderful sight for any gastronome who 1. loves truffles, 2. loves all of the other delicious luxury Italian products that Urbani has to offer. Since 1850, this family-owned business has been supplying the world with everything that a sophisticated foodie will need in their kitchen, and this basket is no different: white truffle salt & oil, Modanese balsamic vinegar, a variety of canned truffle-based sauces, dried porcini, Parmigiano Reggiano, artichokes, dry pasta, black pepper grinders, and sundried tomatoes. There's enough here to elevate your gastronome's dishes for months (and even years) to come.

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