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Seal It with a Gift: The Millennial Pink Princess

Looking for a gift for the person who fuels the experience economy? Try one of these aesthetically pleasing finds.
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We all know one. They take endless selfies at spots like the Glossier showroom and Pietro Nolita, they have a collection of fancy candles for the aesthetic, and they definitely spent their Friday night lounging next to a bottle of rosé while binge-watching their favorite rom-com series. To this person, Instagrammability is synonymous with cultural credit, and everything looks better in millennial pink. When your loved one (or maybe you) has such a branded persona, the good news is your path to the perfect gift is straightforward and on trend. Play to the millennial pink princess's #aesthetic taste with the below list.

The Makeup Set by Glossier

Glossier knows you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas, so they recently released The Makeup Set, which features three popular products. On a casual day, this trio might be all you need on your face. Eyebrow and cheek tints are fully customizable, so buy your friend their matching shade of Boy Brow and the bright Cloud Paint they've been dying to try.

Purchase here.

Diptyque Roses Candle

When someone's primary form of self-care involves downtime in candlelight, you can imagine they are always in search of a chic scent to add to the collection. You can't beat the classy feel of Diptyque, and while this one is not literally millennial pink, it smells like "the queen of flowers," which is essentially the same thing. 

Purchase here.

Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Rosé Champagne

Wine is always a go-to holiday gift, but you probably want to find something that feels a bit more special than their regular bottle of rosé. The perfect solution just may be Armand de Brignac, as in addition to providing a chic, crafted bubbly that will elevate the recipient's drinking experience, its metallic pink bottle will make a great vase for the roses they receive come Valentine's Day.

Purchase here.

Read This If You Want to Be Instagram Famous by Henry Carroll

Written by a UK photographer, this book shares tips on how to curate a stunning feed and attract new followers. It features aesthetically pleasing image arrangements alongside the guide, but perhaps you should judge this book most by its cover. The gold lettering will make it stand out on a coffee table, and your friend's face upon unwrapping will be priceless.

Purchase here.

Common Projects Achilles Sneakers

The millennial pink princess is always in search of casual kicks for brunch, but anything less than Instagram-worthy just won't do. The designers behind Common Projects understand this dilemma, as these sneakers are a monochrome pale pink, with gold embossing for a speck of shiny excitement.

Purchase here.

Solaris Laboratories Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rollers are a current beauty trend, promising to firm skin while relieving anxiety and tension. This one is rose quartz, which provides the desired effect while sticking to a signature color scheme and emanating an aura that supposedly "balances all matters of the heart."

Purchase here.

Drunk Elephant The Big Reveal Kit

After rolling their face, the millennial pink princess might want to apply some products that will further enhance a natural glow. Drunk Elephant is here to work some holiday magic with a set of five products suitable for all skin, so your loved one is just a few steps away from chic rejuvenation.

Purchase here.

A Subscription to Hooch

Hooch is MoviePass for drinks, but without the business drama. For $10 a month, users get a free cocktail every day at participating venues, as well as access to members-only experiences. The recipient's next Instagrammable Cosmo just got a lot more affordable, plus it will be even easier to find cool locations to up their aesthetic game.

Download the app here.

Fujifilm SQ6 Instax Square Instant Camera

As a camera that prints out Polaroids, this is the gift that keeps on giving. It blends nostalgia with an eye-catching shade of rose gold, meaning photos *of* the camera are not out of the question.

Purchase here.



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