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Soho House Is a Real-Life Daydream—for a Select Few, of Course

From Istanbul to London, members of the exclusive club can enjoy some of the most beautiful locations each city has to offer.
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The first ever Soho House was founded by Nick Jones in—you guessed it—Soho. A neighborhood for London’s creative elite, this ‘inner-city country club’ was high-profile from its very beginnings. Today, Soho House & Co. has 18 beautiful locations worldwide and enjoys the membership of the world’s most stylish denizens.

Soho House Istanbul

Located in Palazzo Corpi, Soho House Istanbul is Turkey’s premier location for sipping cocktails on the rooftop, closing important business deals and simply enjoying the glamorous East-meets-West culture that the country has to offer. As with every location, the furnishings and interiors of this club are unique and have been produced by local artisans.

Soho House Barcelona

This gothic Port Vell Marina location has everything you could wish for: a swimming pool on the terrace, a gym, a spa (that also has its own swimming pool) and 57 rooms. While most of the facilities are to be enjoyed by club members only, the spa’s pool is open to the public.

Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House, located in South Beach, extends over 15 floors and has 50 rooms. Among many other services, members to this club have access to a full art deco swimming pool, the beach club (complete with white sand and a bar), a bookshop and Cecconi’s scrumptious restaurant.


Soho House Farmhouse

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