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Get Your Fendi Print On with Thierry Lemaire and Fendi Casa

For those whose love for luxury extends beyond clothes, this Italian fashion house is teaming up with the iconic French designer and architect to create a home collection.
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The name Fendi has been on everyone's brain lately. Thanks to a shoutout in Nicki Minaj's "Chun-Li" the resurgence of logomania, and a seal of approval from the Kardashian/Jenner fam, it's no wonder that the Italian fashion label has been continuously talked about. But Fendi doesn't just dabble in baby carriages and sweatsuit sets, it also has extended into homeware, in partnership with French designer Thierry Lemaire. 

Both Lemaire and Fendi have the idea of craftsmanship embedded into their creative DNA, so their collaboration was inevitable. In Thierry Lemaire’s own words:

“In coming up with this new collection, I wanted to emphasize the story behind Fendi as well as the craftsmanship and brand values that I, too, share in my own work. This is why I’ve opted for clear lines and surprising materials, like the combination of leather and velvet, wood and rare marble. Fashion and design are two creative worlds that have proven to blend harmoniously in order to produce a chic yet homely environment for a home.”

The result? Furniture pieces that exude a harmonious blend of both refinement and surprise. Made from quality materials (and with the familiar Fendi logo popping up every now and then), this Thierry Lemaire x Fendi Casa home collection is the epitome of lived-in luxury. Pair that with Fendi's fondness for the eclectic and you have yourself a covetable range of furnishings. 

View the collection below:


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