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Yves Saint Laurent’s Mystically Magnificent Moroccan Refuge

In case it’s a little too far for you to visit the late legendary designer’s North African base, we at L’Officiel feel it is our duty to share with you some photos.

Originally purchased by painter and collector Jacques Majorelle in 1920s, the then-Villa Oasis was first opened to the public in 1947. Some decade later, Saint Laurent and Bergé acquired the Villa Marojelle in 1980 and opted to maintain the open door policy that still exits today. Since then, almost 850,000 people walk through the beautiful Jardin Majorelle to the property every year. The home also includes a restaurant, book shop and souvenir shop.

Check out the lovely interiors of Yves Saint Laurent's Morroccan home in the photos, below.

Photos Courtesy of Miguel Flores-Vianna and L'Officiel Brazil

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