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Klokers: The Blue Hour

The latest edition of the bestselling Klok-01 has a new dial in tribute to the magic of the blue hour.
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The blue hour is that poetic and mysterious moment between day and night when the sky adopts a dark blue hue. When he created his famous perfume "L'Heure Bleue," Jacques Guerlain said, "The sun has set, the night has not yet fallen, it is time suspended...the time when the man finally finds himself in harmony with the world of light." Klokers interprets this moment with a variation on the brand's bestselling Klok-01 model, equipped with a midnight blue dial.

Visual Curiosity

Launched in 2015 in Annecy, Klokers has asserted a definitive style at the intersection of watchmaking, fashion, and design. Deeply unconventional, the brand imagined a different way to read the hour, far from the universal standard using needles or figures.

"Time is the rhythm, and Klokers gives movement and rhythm to the dial," says Nicolas Boutherin, who is the brand's co-founder, president, and artistic director. "We want to create a visual curiosity where we question and destabilize conventional time reading in order to better understand. We must unlearn to get out of these exclusive schemes. "

Like its sister model, a Klok-01 with a white dial, the night blue version is Swiss-made. Inspired by the ruler, the watch has a round steel box of 44 millimeters in diameter and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement, Ronda high technology.

Its patented dial comprises three circular disks--measuring hours, minutes, and seconds--that rotate counterclockwise. They display the time along the vertical axis at noon. The box has a push button located at 8 o'clock, which unlocks the watch head from its link. It comes clipped on bracelets, which Boutherin says makes it "no longer a subcomponent function but real fashion accessories." The watch is also are available in neutral shades such as mouse gray, lichen green, and black. For a business look, the head can also attach to a Milan steel mesh bracelet.

Klock-01 Dark Blue Dial Features:

Stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter, transparent polymer glass with integrated magnification lens, high-tech Ronda quartz movement, midnight blue dial, water resistant sealing, and leather, textile, or steel strap options.

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