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5 Foods That Will Hydrate You

Remember, hydration starts at the table.
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Extremely refreshing, excellent in salads or even alone, cucumber is a fantastic source of hydration for your body. Rich in water (I mean, 96% of it is made of the stuff) and vitamins, it has an extraordinary power to satiate. Plus, for those of us who are on a diet, it has very few calories. It also helps fight cellulite thanks to its fiber-rich elements.


A summer fruit par excellence, the watermelon is super hydrating since water makes up 95% of its weight. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has elements that will benefit your whole body. Not only is it perfect for detox and cleansing, watermelon is ideal after a work-out because it replaces the salts and nutrients you've lost while sweating.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, yes, but it also keeps dehydration at bay. Fruits rich in water, vitamins and minerals, apples benefit your whole body. Not to mention that their antioxidant capacities are so strong that they also double as anti-inflammatory remedies.


Rich in water, the tomato is a loyal ally in the summer heat. As well as being a super hydrating food, tomatoes also have strong antioxidant effects. Moreover, they can be cooked in the most diverse ways: in salads, à la caprese, in sauces—the possibilities are endless.

Like all leafy green vegetables, spinach is preferably eaten raw because it is rich in vitamins and precious mineral salts. Made up of 95% water, this vegetable has a very low-calorie content.

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