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A Day in the Life of L'Objet Founder Elad Yifrach

In honor of L'Officiel #BeWell month, we asked the founder of the iconic home collection to break down his daily grooming and wellness practices.
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7 AM – What time do you wake up? What is the first thing you do? 

I wake up anytime between 6-7 am every morning. I do my yogic stretches in bed or on the floor and meditate. I turn on some music, burn an incense and always start the day with a cup of tea, usually fresh ginger with lemon. If I work out that day, I will eat something small for energy, like a date, fruit or mixed nuts. I practice the Japanese method of intermediate fasting where I don’t eat for 16 hours from when I finish my dinner. That usually takes me all the way to lunchtime the next day. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system.

9 AM – What’s the first thing you do when you get to work? What is on your desk? 

My office always has samples of a new fragrance in development, but my go-to candle/incense is Thé Russe (No.75) from our Parfums de Voyage collection. It’s the perfect blend of warm, sweet and smoky. I try to keep my desk clutter-free and only have the essential documents or objects nearby for the few projects I’m working on. A clean desk helps me keep a clear mind. My job pulls me in many directions throughout the day so the more organized my office is, the better I function.

Lunch is usually at the office with someone from my team. We like to keep it healthy, clean and light. Our studio is located next to some amazing restaurants and healthy fast food places, with Sweetgreen, Inday and CAVA being some of my favorite spots. In the winter, I love having a cup of bone broth with my lunch. It’s a great source of minerals and has powerful healing properties.

2 PM – How do you pick yourself up when you need a mid-day energy boost?

I don’t drink coffee so usually, a piece of fruit or dark chocolate does the magic for me. If I am jet lagged or extra tired, I will do some pranayama/breath work to energize the blood and oxygen in the body.

5 PM – What new products are you designing? What are you currently working on?

Right now, we're working on finalizing a few additions to our Apothecary range: new candles and diffusers as well as beautiful, rich hand creams in our signature fragrances. In addition, we are collaborating with a major artist on a collection which we will launch at Art Basel in Miami this coming December.

7 PM – Where do you eat? What exercise do you do? Provide details about your wellness tactics.

Most days during the week I will go to a yoga class or Soul Cycle after work. Exercise is an important part of my day as it helps me release stress and tension, as well as clear my mind. I also find an after-work class reenergizes me for the evening.

If I’m home for dinner, I’ll put together a light, Mediterranean dish, similar to the food I grew up on. If not, you might find me at abcV or Nur in the Flatiron District. New York has an incredible restaurant scene, but these have been a couple of my favorites lately.

10 PM – What do you do to unwind at the end of the day?

If I am out in the evenings, I like to walk home in order to unwind and digest. At home, I usually play some music, relax on my terrace and read, with candles always burning. I love the light and smell of a good candle at home. If I am entertaining at home, it’s all about good music and delicious food with friends, surrounded by beautiful candlelight.

11 PM – What time is bedtime? Any night-time rituals you abide by?

Bedtime is anywhere between 11-12:30am. Herbal tea before bed is a must. I try to unwind by reading a book or magazine before sleeping.

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