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The Five Best Alternative Spas in NYC

Think crystal treatment, color therapy sauna, and wine baths.
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When it comes to facials, massages, or manicures, it gets pricey. Investing in beauty products for a spa day at home seems like the better idea. But with the growing buzz of alternative therapies, New Yorkers are now more willing to splurge on an unconventional experience without spending on a spiritual retreat in Sedona. From a nail studio that offers guided meditation to ancient wine baths, treat yourself to a relaxing day at the five best alternative spas in the city.  

Sundays Nail Studio

Ever wonder what to do while getting a manicure? Scrolling through Instagram is rarely an option since both hands are occupied (and we’re all afraid of ruining just a tad bit of the first coat). So we just awkwardly stare at the manicurist, tbh. Enter Sundays, a nail studio that combines manicures with meditation. For $30, Sundays pampers nails with its own vegan and non-toxic nail polishes as customers Zen out to a guided meditation via headphones. The finishing touch is a spray of essential oil to zone in the right headspace.  


sundays studio is located at 51 East 25th Street and Saks Fifth Avenue Women’s Store Downtown, 225 Liberty Street. 

This large, high-end wellness space in NoMad offers every alternative treatment possible. No retreat to Arizona necessary. With 16 alternative treatment rooms, Modrn Sanctuary boasts a range of services from hypnosis, acupuncture, cupping, to a Himalayan salt room. For the curious wellness junkie, there is even a crystal and energy healing treatment, where you can lay on a multi-layered crystal bed that transfers energies to your body. We’ll take that any day over napping on the couch. 


Modrn Sanctuary is located at 12 West 27th Street, 9th Floor.

AIRE Ancient Baths

Time to swap a candle-lit bath at home, and splurge on a luxurious bath experience. Located in a historical building, AIRE provides several baths with different temperatures, a bathing culture that dates back to the Greek and Roman era. Guests can include a massage after bathing, or try a private wine bath. Yes, your body will be submerged in a tub filled with Spanish Tempranillo grapes while getting a facial massage. Soak those antioxidants in.


AIRE Ancient Baths is located at 88 Franklin Street.


You’ve probably seen models like Jordan Barett, Bella Hadid, and fitness influencer Hannah Bronfman hanging out in the small infrared sauna on Instagram. But HigherDOSE isn’t just an Instagram-friendly (and extremely sexy) sauna. The neon colors, known as color therapy, work by harmonizing body vibrations that yield health benefits like boosting collagen production. Get your dose, now.


HigherDOSE is located at 11 Howard Hotel, Equinox East 74th Street, and 21 East 1st Street.

Shape House

What if someone told you there was a way you could burn 800 - 1,600 calories by lying down and watching Netflix? Enter Shape House, where sweating isn’t only for the fitness enthusiast. The steps are pretty simple. You lie down on an infrared bed, then tucked in with a blanket to trap the heat. Pick up the remote, and catch up on the latest season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. No wonder Selena Gomez is a regular. 


Shape House is located at 34 West 17th Street, 50 West 86th Street, and 1316 Madison Avenue.

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