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Nitsa Citrine on Superpowers and Superfoods

The creative director of Sun Potion and co-founder of Women With Superpowers lets us in her wellness universe.
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Mornings are sacred for Nitsa Citrine. From her Malibu home, she sits outside on her deck, sips a cup of tea, and takes in the view. In an era where breakfasts are skipped and phones screens are glued to our eyes, Citrine grounds herself in the present. She channels mindfulness in everything, whether it’s by making a smoothie with Sun Potion’s tonics and superfoods or by taking beautiful photos of plants with her film camera.


As the creative director of Sun Potion and the co-founder of Women With Superpowers, the California native has a demanding schedule — one where she has learned to manage through the practice of meditation, gratitude, and superfoods.   

What does a day look like for you? What kind of daily rituals do you practice?

When I am home in Malibu a typical day for me begins with a cup of hot water and lemon, to gently cleanse and alkalize the system. I tend to drink this at my kitchen counter while answering emails and more urgent correspondences. Whenever my schedule (and the weather) allows it, I like to take a half hour in the morning to sit out on my deck for tea. This is a form of meditation for me. My friend Colin has an amazing tea company called Living Tea and this morning I drank a ceremonial grade Pu-Erh called “Kensho Monk's Blend.” I like to intentionally leave my phone out of reach, and sit overlooking the mountains and ocean and pour several rounds of tea in silence. This is a treasured part of my day and a practice that keeps me grounded and centered. Most mornings I also make an adaptogenic warm potion, but now that it is getting warmer, I make a smoothie with fresh sprouted nut or seed milk, a handful of adaptogenic herbs, and some seasonal fruit or berries. Even when traveling, I bring my teapot, teas, and a good handful of herbs with me. I am definitely not the lightest packer!

"This gratitude, along with approaching my days with as much presence, love, and joy is what defines wellness to me."

How do you define wellness?

Wellness for me is existing in a state of embodied gratitude. I feel it is an honor and blessing to be here on the planet. I try to remind myself how lucky I am every day that I wake up, breathe, move. Not to mention, the beautiful nature, food, art, friends, and family that surround me. This gratitude, along with approaching my days with as much presence, love, and joy is what defines wellness to me.


A lot of people are still unfamiliar or doubtful of herbs and tonics. How should someone who is new to wellness start with your products?

For becoming acquainted with the Sun Potion line, I recommend starting with the Yin Power: a tonic herbal formula that is excellent for boosting immunity, balancing hormones and stress levels, and nourishing beauty from the inside out. For anyone hoping to gently detox without stripping the body of nutrients, I recommend our chlorella. It is great for pulling toxicity from the body while supplying chlorophyll, bioavailable protein, and minerals!


What’s your go-to drink or food recipe using your products right now?

My current morning jam is Cordyceps Pine Pollen Matcha with our White Dragon Matcha, herbs, homemade fresh macadamia nut milk, and a little raw wildflower honey for sweetness. For lunch or dinner, adaptogenic pesto with our ashitaba and chlorella poured over fresh greens, some roasted veggies, or kelp noodles.

Your project, Women With Superpowers, how did that come about?

This is a photo series I created with my dear friend and amazing artist/photographer Tasya van Ree, in the fall of 2016. We wanted to collaborate on a series, which celebrated all the amazing women in our lives and their capacity to heal the world through their work in the arts, media, literature, activism, wellness, medicine, philanthropy, and beyond! It began as an idea for a photo exhibit of 10 female artists and has now evolved into a multi-dimensional platform (we have shot over 150 women). The project is in a sense now beyond both of us — a love note to our global, infinite community of super powerful women — we will see where it leads us next!


Is there a photo series you cherished most?

Every woman we have encountered through the project has expanded my mind and heart and taught me more and more what it means to be a woman, how to support and empower each other. Each shoot is uniquely magical, it would be impossible to choose one!

[Image: Photograph by Tasya Van Ree]


You have a passion for photography and you channel this so well on your Instagram grid. What’s the one thing you always look for through the lens?

Whatever draws me deeper into the moment. A color, light pattern, texture, or narrative. Usually, I shoot without thinking, on instinct, and it becomes a sort of meditation. And then, for making selections, I love a photo that makes me feel curious. I want to learn more about what is happening in the image and yet feel completely satisfied at the same time. I love when a photo strikes this space within me.

[Image: Photograph by Tasya Van Ree]


What advice would you give to young women who are starting their own businesses? 

For me, I'm so grateful to have found something that I really love. Find something that you really love to do, one that you feel happy and alive. Come from a place of love and respect. Pay attention to what makes you feel excited and alive. Finding something that aligns with you and your happiness, and then making sure seeing your best to benefit the planet with that work. Also don't be afraid to hustle a little bit [laughs].


What is your favorite wellness destination?

Possibly one of my favorite trips I've taken was going to different hot springs in Japan with some dear friends of mine and Scott. The water is bright blue, and you go in for like 20 minutes, and it comes straight from the rocks out of the ground — that for me is the most luxurious.


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