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Stella McCartney Stars in David Lynch’s Short Film About Meditation

The 9-minute video also stars BØRNS, Lola Kirke, Petra Cortight and Ashton Sanders.
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British designer Stella McCartney has ventured into movie-making thanks to David Lynch’s short film Curtains Up. This film hones in on the subject of transcendental meditation—something that Lynch has been interested in since the 70s. It's a practice that he, along with his foundation, actively teaches to children and adults around the world. Stella McCartney happens to be one of many followers who admire David Lynch’s work both in the realm of film and wellness—according to Stella, in fact, has said that meditation helps her to be more productive.

On that note, Lynch uses a 9-minute video to explore the relationship between meditation and creativity, and the role that the practice can play in achieving success. Co-starring alongside Stella McCartney is singer BØRNS, actress Lola Kirke, artist Petra Cortright, actor Ashton Sanders, and other recognizable faces. To find out more about the director’s fascination with transcendental meditation, read here.

David Lynch’s meditation film can now be watched online, here.


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