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The Coach Logo, as Reimagined by NYC Graffiti Artists

The American brand has partnered up with New York's most prominent graffiti writers to reimagine the Coach logo on walls and murals all over the city.
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Logomania is back, and while most brands are taking the trend to clothing and accessories, Coach has taken it to the streets of New York. A total of 13 murals and walls throughout the five boroughs of New York has been redecorated with each artist's take on the Coach signature logo. The collaboration feaures WhIsBe, DAIN, SUCH, Crash, The DriF, and more grafitti legends. Take a look at their work and where to find them below: 



Artist: SUCH 

3800-3898 Queens Boulevard, Queens



125 Chrystie Street, Manhattan



A: 75 Chrystie Street, Manhattan

B: 75 East Broadway, Manhattan

C: 3800-3898 Queens Boulevard, Queens



12 Franklin Street, Brooklyn


Tats Cru 

1029 Westchester Avenue, Bronx



248 Varet Street, Brooklyn


Jason Naylor 

83 Suffolk Street, Manhattan


Bisco Smith 

A: 180 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

B: 1 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn 



First Street Art Garden, 2nd Ave, Manhattan


The DRiF 

356 Broome Street, Manhattan


Thomas Allen

A: 145 Ave A, Manhattan

B: 139 East 4th Street, Manhattan

C: 48-01 38th Street, Queens



2143 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan


Eric Inkala

458 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn

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