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The Coach Logo, as Reimagined by NYC Graffiti Artists

The American brand has partnered up with New York's most prominent graffiti writers to reimagine the Coach logo on walls and murals all over the city.
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A great hotel is a bastion of finer living, where the reality of cramped apartments and commutes to work can seem so distant they don’t even exist. Leaving the hotel doesn’t mean having to leave behind the luxury lifestyle you’ve now grown accustomed to just because you’re checking out.  

Some of the best souvenirs of any trip are right under your nose before you go to bed. These hotel items offer the perfect remembrance of a great trip while being far more practical in the home than that knick-knack in the airport’s Duty-Free shop.

As a reminder, these hotels all have your credit card on file when you checked in, so even if you didn’t tap into the mini bar, the front desk can always just charge you for these things, too. I wouldn’t go taking anything big, but here’s what’s on the table. (And don’t take the table.)


Dystopian Fiction

Considering the wild decade we just had, and the even wilder decade we've just entered, it's nice to reflect on how we used to enjoy Dystopia, in the form of fiction of course. While the genre was popular before and continues to be after the early 2010s, these sci-fi novels and films really took hold of society at this time, with The Hunger Games and Divergent leading the pack. Millions were captivated by the action, the drama, and the love triangles, which could honestly be a fad of their own (we're looking at you, Twi-Hards), but this major trend brought people together, whether they were Team Peeta or Team Gale. 

Do you want me to call you Dean-Charles or Dean?

Call me Dean, that’s all right. You can call me anything, really.


What’s your daily schedule like these days?

Well, we’re about to start on a press tour. We’re doing eight different cities in America, and we're literally going to be one day in Dallas, next day in Washington, then Los Angeles and New York. There’s not going to be much time for a break. Then we go to Europe. We do Germany and Spain; all the way up really until the film actually comes out Christmas Day. It’s a lot but it’s all good.


When you’re in London, can you walk the streets without being recognized?

I was in Game of Thrones and when I was in that, I used to get recognized quite a bit. But not so much now. So yeah, it’s pretty chill, if I’m being honest. I like it like that though. It’s nice to be undercover.

red rose

"I'd say that I feel a sense of mystery between me and my fans. It's like we are just getting to know each other and aren't sure yet if we are leading each other into glory, lust, or danger."


Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 3.02.16 PM.pngScreenshot_2019-09-27 www sephora com roller-lash-P392516.pngScreenshot_2019-09-27 HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara - Lancôme Sephora.pngScreenshot_2019-09-27 Smoky Extravagant Mascara - MAKE UP FOR EVER Sephora.pngit'saskinnytomford.jpgScreenshot_2019-09-27 Phenomen’Eyes Mascara - Givenchy Sephora.pngballx3milkmakeup.jpegbottlelashdance.pngcutesmashbox.jpegglamolash.jpgScreen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.01.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.04.54 PM.png
Sorry to Bother You Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

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