These Chic CBD Beauty Products Will Chill Your Skin Out

Yes, you can take the cannabis trend and make it fashion.
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The past few years have been revolutionary for cannabis industries as laws change and attitudes shift to focus on healing properties. Testimonies of the plant’s medical benefits seem to be everywhere, hemp has become a popular ingredient in health-focused recipes, and polls show over half of Americans now support marijuana’s legalization. But while this means discussing your 4/20 plans is more socially acceptable than ever, the cannabis-based ingredient of the moment is undeniably CBD. Free of THC, the compound won’t get you high, but it still promises some of the key calming benefits that have made many embrace its psychoactive cousin in the first place. For many millennials, AKA members of the recently-dubbed “burnout generation,” vape pens and sparkling waters featuring CBD provide hope towards combating the stress of daily life, whether on their own or alongside weighted blankets, meditation, and therapy sessions.

With all this impossible-to-ignore hype, it’s no wonder that CBD has now made its way into a slew of beauty products. California brands have been ahead of the game, embracing the potent ingredient for a while alongside increased cannabis legalization, but last year’s Farm Bill brought CBD and hemp nationwide. More and more labels have been hopping on the trend, which has created a meeting point between the cannabis and skincare markets. CBD beauty means luxury vape brand Beboe now makes face masks, Josie Maran created Skin Dope to explore cannabis-based oils, and skincare junkies can now explore products with an added layer of healing, calming function. Whether you want more purpose behind your mental health practices, are curious to see how the compound will transform your skin, or simply want to see what the hype is all about, there’s truly a CBD beauty product for everyone. See six of the best below, and get ready to look and feel more chill all year long.

Los Angeles-based brand Beboe has been making its mark since 2017, with its luxury products becoming an aesthetically pleasing way for the West Coast elite to embrace cannabis. Its signature rose gold vape pens are especially popular, and they recently made an appearance at L’Officiel USA’s Coachella party. Now, the company is hopping onto the CBD beauty trend with their Therapies line, which focuses on skincare with inaugural products comprising a face serum and sheet masks. The serum rejuvenates and relaxes skin with its full-spectrum CBD as well as rosehip, grapeseed, and lavender oils, while each face mask injects 50 milligrams of the hemp product alongside a multitasking blend of alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins. Having launched with an exclusive Barneys partnership, the anti-inflammatory potions seem set to attract a highly affluent crowd, even if they don’t exactly get you high.

Dirty Grass by Heretic

With CBD continuing to spread across the beauty industry, it wasn’t long before it would make its way to fragrance. Heretic, the nonconformist perfume house best known for its unisex, all-natural scents, injected cannabis oil into its latest scent to add a green, earthy character. Dirty Grass is fittingly launching on 4/20, and its notes of vetiver, grass, and honey will olfactorily captivate as the 150 milligrams of CBD help the wearer to chill out while staying alert. Now you’ll be able to say your favorite scent has a function beyond smelling nice.

Josie Maran has been developing conscious, forward-thinking beauty products through her eponymous label since 2007, and over a decade later, it was only natural for her to expand into the growing trend of cannabis-based beauty. Skin Dope was born, establishing a small collection of oils that will improve skin for 4/20 plans and beyond. One oil uses hemp seed for its strengthening properties, but the most exciting member of the line aims to calm stressed-out skin with CBD. If your ways of dealing with a stressful week are drinking CBD-infused sparkling water and indulging in a late-night face mask (which, congrats, you and this writer are twins), this is just how to kill two birds with one stone.

In the two years since its founding, Cannuka has garnered some major attention, even recently becoming the first CBD beauty brand on the shelves of Ulta. Its name is a portmanteau of its two main focuses, cannabis and Manuka honey, making it perfect for a world that’s increasingly embracing natural products as well as the healing properties of its buzzworthy ingredient. The family-run company currently markets five paths to CBD bliss, including a body cream and hydrating balms. But perhaps its most exciting offering is its lathering body bar, whose healing properties mean bathing just got that much more therapeutic.

Vertly is the brainchild of a California couple who wanted to bring their cannabis and wellness backgrounds to the world of skincare and beauty. CBD features in each product in small doses, with the idea that this will build up the body’s natural reserve over time for a gradual increase in healing benefits. While patience may sound like a challenge, the line comprises items that are easy to use every day, including a lip balm that mixes its starring ingredient with cocoa butter, shea, and jojoba oil. Available in peppermint, rose, and cocoa scents, it’s a seamless way to make your daily lip moisturizing routine have healing and calming benefits.

While much of CBD beauty has come out of California, Ellis Brooklyn is proving New York to be another great home for the trend. When Bee Shapiro founded the brand in Williamsburg in 2015, she imagined luxury fragrance products that embrace sustainability as integral to their identity, and the carefully edited line is now a mix of body milks, candles, and perfumes with mesmerizing scents and clean ingredients. The line has now expanded into CBD via a chic body oil, which mixes its key ingredient with almond, pine bark extract, and essential oils to create a potion that reduces inflammation and combats soreness. At the end of a long day, nothing could feel better than a product that helps your body to chill while staying sustainably conscious.

It's almost impossible to have a CBD beauty roundup without Lord Jones. One of the best-known brands in this trending field, the company specializes in products that mix the calming cannabidiol with a curated mix of natural oils and essences to create the skincare equivalent of superfood. With the growing popularity of body oils, which cut to the chase by giving your skin the nourishment it needs without the fillers of lotion, it couldn't be a more perfect time to try out Lord Jones' power all over. Featuring a rollerball applicator, this oil (which also includes ingredients like avocado and jojoba) can easily provide an even spread of relaxing effect, but it's also possible to focus its massaging capabilities on a targeted area for relief wherever you need it most.

Ildi Pekar is finding the best in many influences, bringing together traditional remedies with modern technologies for a skincare routine that emphasizes its proximity to overall health. After all, skin is the body's largest organ, and no one can deny the mental healing powers of doing a good face mask on a Sunday. Now, she's bringing cannabis into her approach, adding CBD to a water-activated face polish so it's easy to exfoliate with less risk of irritating sensitive skin. To boot, a gold spoon comes with the product for application, making the process feel that much more luxurious.


Are you so in love with CBD that you wish you could just rub it everywhere? You're in luck with this skin salve. Two former professional athletes founded beam with the intention of providing cannabidiol's soothing benefits in the purest form possible, so you can get back to your day in your most focused state, whether you're training for a race or typing out an important project. While many may flock to the brand for its ingestible products (an oil and protein bars), its multi-purpose salve allows those healing benefits to look as great as they feel. beam also has a SoHo pop-up at 11 Howard that's open through December 15, so you can try out the products for yourself.



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