Glossier Just Made Its "You" Perfume Solid and Portable

Glossier's latest launch is "You" in solid and portable form. Here's our review.
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When Glossier released its first fragrance called "You" in the fall last year, fans were instantly hooked on its subtle scent. The frosted pink bottle with a signature red top (a tribute to the brand’s infamous zipper pouches) first became available in October, retailed for $60, and made a claim that the wearer was the first ingredient, thus making it weable for everyone and playing into the name, “You.”

Now, the cult-worthy beauty brand is releasing a solid version of “You”. The notes are the exact same: an ambrette base note, ambrox and musk and lastly, iris root and pink pepper for an extra surprise. The small blush pink container is super weighty, comes in a little pouch for ease, and has the kind of design that feels expensive. Best of all, it retails for just $22 and is tiny enough to fit into the smallest of handbags. Considering Glossier has yet to release a travel-size rollerball of “You,” this is the next best thing and a lot chicer.

The solid rendition of Glossier’s fragrance even has a little dimple on the container, similar to the full size bottle. As for staying power, we’d argue that the solid actually stays even longer than the traditional eau de parfum — with its creamy base — in the colder winter months. It applies just like the original and you can dab a little bit on wrists, your neck or anywhere else you want a nice, subtle musky, powdery smell.

At 0.11 ounces compared to the EDP’s 1.7 ounces, it’s a lot smaller for the price. But then again, the size is right when it comes to having your favorite personal fragrance on you at all times in pocket-sized form.




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