2019 is the Year of the Hair Accessory

From headbands reminiscent of 'Gossip Girl' to *so* many scrunchies, no one can get enough.
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2019 was the year of the pig, but you may not know that 2019 was also the year of the hair accessory. After the better part of a decade, everyone is tired of wearing hair naked, just like how the needle has moved back towards maximalist makeup (thanks, Euphoria). Classic hair adornments are making a comeback, sneaking into street style looks all over the place and becoming the favorites of fashion stars like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Ashley Graham. Considering our currently rabid obsession with hair accessories has lasted all year since they exploded during February fashion month, they might stick around for a while longer. Who knows, maybe those weird feather hair extensions are going to make a comeback sometime soon, too.


Scrunchies are the perfect hair accessory. They can be casual or even just practical, but a velvet or satin scrunchie makes a great addition to a night look. Like TikTok girls and the rest of us, Hailey Bieber can’t get enough—she wears scrunchies all the time, both at home and on the red carpet.

Photo via Instagram / @haileybieber


Girls in the Harajuku subculture of Tokyo have been riding the snap-clip barrette wave since their initial popularity during the Y2K era, but the look fell out of favor years ago for most people here in the US. Barrettes add bright pops of color, and are super fun to stack. If you aren’t big on the cute and bright aesthetic, you can keep it classy, like Winnie Harlow in this picture, with a few pearl- and gemstone-adorned clips.

Photo via Instagram / @winnieharlow


It seems like we all collectively forgot about headbands as soon as Gossip Girl ended. It’s probably the easiest hair accessory to wear, you don’t have to do any work to style it, so next time you have a rough hair day, try channeling Blair Waldorf and reach for a headband. If you aren't into Blair's preppy style, Nicola Anne Peltz proves that headbands can be edgy and tough.

Photo via Instagram / @nicolaannepeltz


Statement Clips

Once we figured out we can make hair clips out of words, we couldn’t get enough. These clips make a literal statement, so it’s fun to mix and match and send a cheeky message to whoever walks past. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan makes her own line, which has definitely helped the look's popularity to grow among stars and fans alike.

Photo via Instagram / @justinemarjan


The trend disappeared for a few years, but our obsession with hair accessories this year has brought it back! When I say hair bow, I don’t mean those huge ones little girls wear. A piece of ribbon tied in a bow around any hair tie does wonders to make an outfit look more polished. Penelope Cruz wore one during her emotional walk in Karl Lagerfeld's last Chanel show, and it made her tribute all the sweeter.

Photo via Instagram / @penelopecruzofficial


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