How to Find Your Perfect Holiday Red Lip

No matter who you are.
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The Holidays are the perfect time to try something new—and they're the perfect time to try out a nice red lipstick. While some may shudder at the idea of trying to figure out which of 100 options they should pick, others can tell you the difference between shades and brands like it's their job. Fortunately, it is someone's job, so here's how to find your own perfect red lip.

Know Your Undertone

Most people who say red lipstick doesn't look good on them dislike it because they didn't follow the most basic rule of makeup: make sure to get a product that complements your undertone. In red lipstick, this boils down to whether you get an orange red, or a blue red. Oranges, like Besamé Cosmetics "Tango Red," tend to be lighter and more befitting of people with yellow or olive undertones. Blues, which make up the majority of red lipsticks, tend to fit best on those with pink or red undertones.

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Don't Get in Too Deep

Reds can range from near-blindingly bright, to almost black, so it's important to know how dark you want to go. This tends to come down to either the clothes or eye makeup you wear. Opt for a brighter lip if you tend to wear dark eye makeup—the two balance each other out. Do the same if you wear light colors, as it won't clash against your clothing. If you do want to do a dark lip, make sure you're okay with it washing you out; the darker you go, the more it will detract attention from the rest of your face and your outfit. It may not be cool for family dinner, but for drinks with the friends it's a way to put a little edge in your makeup. Cult-favorite brand Lime Crime's Matte Velvetine in "Wicked" is a blood red matte for those who don't want to commit to going deep, but still want to look a little vampiric.

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Decide on a Formula

Liquid lipsticks have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and that's partially because of their incredible staying power. Products like Kat Von D's "Underage Red" are perennial bestsellers, seeing as they're perfect for long nights out. But they're messy and drying, and unfortunately will require a bathroom break to touch up on. If you're inexperienced with lipstick, have sensitive lips, or are just okay with reapplying on the go, opt for an actual classic tube of lipstick. You can layer it on without checking to make sure it's not all over your face, and it won't chap your lips through the course of the night.

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If All Else Fails

There are a few lipsticks that are known in beauty circles for being truly universal. Rihanna just released one with her Fenty Beauty line—Stunna Lip Paint in "Uncensored." Purportedly, it looks good on everyone, and we've yet to see that disproven.


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