Introducing Fluide Beauty, the "All Genders Beauty Collection"

A true beauty-for-all brand actively supporting the wellness of those it is looking to celebrate.
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It’s no secret that the LGBTQ+ community has been “trending” in the beauty world. Appropriations of queer relationships and people can be seen in ads like Tom Ford's Boys and Girls Lipstick line, while other launches like Lipstick Queen's Girls Will Be Boys color-changing lipstick use gender fluidity as an explicit marketing tool. While brands continue to take from increasing queer visibility, one must ask: what exactly are these lines giving in return?

Enter Fluide Beauty, the beauty-for-all brainchild of founders Isabella Giancarlo and Laura Kraber, founded for the queer, not around them. Born out of Brooklyn, NY, the line of vibrant liquid lipsticks, glitter, and nail polishes (to start) benefits LGBTQ+ wellness charities by donating a percentage of each purchase.

Fluide Beauty

“As a community, queers are often forgotten, only to be mentioned as a statistic — typically a sad statistic. What about queer joy? Queer resilience? Where can we see our irreverent, otherworldly selves?” says Creative Director and Co-Founder Isabella Giancarlo of the idea that started the collection. “Fluide is here for queer joy, resilience + radical self expression.”

This celebration of gender flexibility is apparent in the colorful, editorial-style photos used on both the site and Instagram, as well as the punchy shades of the products (my Cherry Grove fingernails are hypnotizing me as I write). Going a step further with the message of wellness and joy, all of Fluide's polishes are "7-free" (meaning, without formaldehyde and the like), while their liquid lipsticks are sans pthalates and parabens.

You can join the color party while supporting your queer pals by purchasing at


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