5 Old Hollywood-Approved Beauty Secrets

Old Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had plenty of makeup and skincare tricks that are worth adding to your current beauty regimen.
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Elizabeth Taylor applying makeup on set.

From a classic red lip to DIY skincare, we have Old Hollywood stars to thank for a number of beauty tips and techniques. Their undeniable glamour and elegance will always be venerated–and emulated–making them the perfect models of timeless beauty. From the vanities of Grace KellyMarilyn Monroe, and more, L'OFFICIEL uncovers 5 tried-and-true beauty secrets from these Old Hollywood favorites.

Subtle Contour

Over the years, the heavy contour, strobe, and bake routine has gained popularity, but the face-shaping technique began with a lighter hand. Grace Kelly chose to contour using blush alone, applying a darker shade underneath her cheekbones and a lighter one on the apples of her cheeks. Meanwhile, Old Hollywood actress Carole Lombard would draw a straight line of white eyeliner down the bridge of her nose to add a highlight and make it appear straighter.

Lip Focus

Marilyn Monroe’s full, red pout is arguably one of the most recognizable beauty looks of the time. Her makeup artist used five different shades of lipstick, darker around the edges and lighter in the center, to achieve more dimension.

Attention to Detail

Whether creating sharp cat-eye liner or making sure that mascara doesn't clump, makeup application requires a precise hand. Audrey Hepburn’s makeup artist was known to painstakingly use a pin to separate each individual lash after applying mascara to achieve her signature doe-eyed look.

Smooth Skin

Hollywood actresses’ youthful complexions were achieved without the social media filters we have today. To achieve her flawless complexion, Elizabeth Taylor regularly shaved her face to remove baby hairs, while Monroe opted to keep her light peach fuzz intact to create a soft glow on camera.

Pantry Items

If your go-to moisturizers just aren’t cutting it, look no further than your kitchen pantry. Mae West attributed her youthful connection to coconut oil, while Sophia Loren was partial to olive oil baths.



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