How Model Toni Garrn Found New Beauty Rituals in Quarantine

Face of the latest Angel Nova perfume by Mugler, Toni Garrn speaks with L'OFFICIEL about her beauty routine and the importance of fragrance.
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Toni Garrn has all the makings of a star. The German model and actress' body of work not only includes runways and magazines, but also a passion for giving back through the Toni Garrn Foundation, which supports girls' access to education in Africa. Her humanitarian spirit, along with her natural beauty, make her the perfect choice to face Mugler's new Angel Nova perfume. Here, Garrn chats with L'OFFICIEL about working with the brand, her foundation, and what meaning fragrance and beauty hold for her.

L'OFFICIEL: Why are you excited about working with Mugler?

TONI GARRN: The campaign message inspires women to believe in their dreams, and that found special resonance with me. I always knew how to believe in mine, and this pushed me to make sure that other women follow theirs through my foundation, which helps young African girls to access a better education. Mugler is a house which gives superpowers to women through its fashion creations and its perfumes, and transforms them into heroines. This campaign only reinforced this vision.

L'O: You are very involved in defending women's rights and their access to education. Can you tell us more about the work of your foundation?

TG: I could talk about it for days on end! I created a foundation entirely dedicated to young African girls. We work in four countries–Ghana, Burundi, Uganda and Zimbabwe–and we focus on empowering these children by deploying all possible means to make them feel happier and healthier at home and school. We finance student grants and also provide means of transport to enable the most isolated among them to benefit from an education. We also build housing and schools in partnership with local communities, working in an ecological and sustainable manner. The closure of schools has had a strong impact on these children because, as you can imagine, school is the only place where they can socialize with each other and have full meals. It puts things in perspective when we think of confinement, and reminds us how lucky we are.

L'O: Angel is an iconic fragrance. How did you bring your own identity to the campaign, walking in the footsteps of such legendary muses like Jerry Hall, Naomi Watts, or Eva Mendes?

TG: It was a huge honor for me to be chosen to represent this cult perfume. These three muses are 
models for me–they embody the image that Mugler was able to shape, that of a woman who is ultra-feminine, but also powerful and independent.

L'O: You are also an actress, and we saw you in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Do you think that scent can help build a character's identity?

TG: Absolutely. Scent is closely linked to memories. It makes you travel both in time and space and knows how to recall people or places associated with certain periods of our existence, so it is a key element.

L'O: What is your daily beauty routine?

TG: The pandemic has allowed me to reconnect with certain rituals. I can take the time to apply many products and see their long-term benefits. I scrupulously clean my skin, exfoliate it twice a week, and use comforting creams in winter. In terms of make-up, I only wear mascara and a hint of concealer.

L'O: What are your favorite brands for makeup and skincare?

TG: I love Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Barbara Sturm, Sisley, and Clé de Peau.

L'O: Do you have a fitness ritual?

TG: It depends on where I am in the world, my tone, and the season. But anyway, I think working out and sweating at least once a week is essential for our well-being. At the moment, I practice a mix of running, Pilates, and yoga.

L'O: Who inspires you when it comes to beauty and style?

TG: Carrie Bradshaw is an icon to me. Lately, my close friends have been an endless source of inspiration, model Blanca Padilla in particular, who chooses her clothes so tastefully.

L'O: Where are your favorite wellness retreats in the world?

TG: SHA Wellness in Spain is truly an amazing place. The view of nature and the sea is sublime, and the treatments are among the best I have experienced. I go there once a year for a complete detox. In Paris, I also love the Meurice Spa and its Valmont treatments.

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