Deconstructing Beauty Looks at Valentino Couture Fall 2019

Lots of razzle, plenty of dazzle!

The colors from Haute Couture Fashion Week for autumn and winter this year are unpredictable and exciting. Valentino definitely added to the excitement with their creative collection that's filled with many surprises. From colors to sewing techniques to hair and makeup, Valentino's designs are highly impressive. Makeup artist and beauty mogul Pat McGrath provided the models with colorful and bold faces that complement the vibrancy of their outfits. 

The Makeup 



For this season, the focus remains on the eye area, but this time Pat chose to play with eyeliner and add brightly colored glitter strips that complement the color of the garment. She also arranged the color scheme to match the order of the models walking so that each coincides in a beautiful pattern, making the show just that much more perfect.

All photos via Getty Images 

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