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Vivo Hosts a Fascinating Show at NY Fashion Week and Meets CFDA Designers

The designer's collection—inspired by female Chine pirates—is known for marrying eastern and western aesthetics.
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Photo via Instagram / @AngelChenStudio

During past NYFW, vivo partnered with Chinese fashion designer Angel Chen to host a fashion show to present its unique design inspiration.

Vivo, a technology company, has become one of the world's best smartphone brands, famous for its stylish design and ground-breaking technologies.

This marks the first time that vivo has presented its design to key leaders in the fashion industry. This is also the first time a Chinese smartphone brand has officially shown its product on the runway of one of the "big four" fashion weeks.

The show was inspired by traditional Chinese pirates from the Tsing Dynasty. The accessories on the runway, designed by vivo and Angel Chen are unique and attractive but also full of practicality. Liu Wen, the famous Chinese supermodel, appeared on the front row together with Mr. Ren An, the product designer of vivo.

It has become a trend that many Chinese consumer brands collaborate with fashion designers on the new product design. When talking about the cooperation with vivo, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb said, "Collaborations are a good way to increase brand awareness, and I think it is interesting to explore non-traditional categories and partners."

The relations between fashion and technology are getting closer. "Technology has greatly influenced the fashion business. From 3D printing to e-commerce to social media and now AI, we are incorporating technology to position the fashion industry for the future, Kolb said.

Along with editors from L’Officiel China, Mr. Ren An visited 2 designers from CFDA. One of the most innovative jewelry and accessories designers, Monica Sordo showed great interest in vivo X23. "I really love the way it reflects the lights on the different colors. It's so beautiful," she said. "Fashion nowadays is about technology, about innovating. I do believe that technology is very important, which can be used in both new stuff and classics."

Famous American fashion designer Nicole Miller highly praised the color design of vivo X23. Nicole's modern design aesthetic is known for its bright prints and patterns. Talking about her inspiration, Nicole said that it's a combination of everything she has seen. "I always keep my eye on the youth because they are always one step ahead," she said. vivo focus on the youth as well. The whole design of X23, especially the use of lights reflects the taste of the young generation. Nicole thinks that lights are now a very popular fashion element. It's unique and innovative to see them used in smartphone design.

"I love the intersection of fashion and technology so much," Nicole said. "I put LED lights on dresses, which is fun and interesting. I don't think its usable right away, but I think we are getting there. It's going to become more mainstream as we go more further."





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