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Dior Fall 2020 Revisits Feminism with a Unique Take

This season, Maria Grazia Chiuri delivered 85 looks building on her signature aesthetic, in addition to a lot of buzzworthy signs.
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Earlier today, the Dior Fall 2020 show happened at Jardin Des Tuileries, getting the fashion world talking with a politically charged first major show of Paris Fashion Week. Keeping in step with collections of the past (most recently, Haute Couture Spring 2020), creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri made an effort to use her show as a platform to propose larger discussions than just fashion. In collaboration with the Claire Fontaine collective, Grazia Chiuri created a venue that was all but timid about addressing feminism from her distinct lens. Taking direct inspiration from an upcoming exhibition at Rome's National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, one quote on a prominent wall reads "I Say I," taken from the title of the upcoming exhibition "lo Dico lo – I Say I", conceptual indeed. But what does it all mean? Grazia Chiuri goes on in the show notes to explain that the show was a result of her gathering inspiration from a plethora of places: images of old couture clients, her own rebellious spirit, Germana Marucelli’s studio in Milan, designed by artist Paolo Schegg, and a medley of other sources. 

Translating all of her various inspirations, Grazia Chiuri delivers 85 looks for the Fall 2020 collection. Aiming to strike what she called a "perfect balance," the designer also references founding couturier Christian Dior's book The Little Dictionary of Fashion to implement what she considered to be staple elements to the collection. Explorations of a vintage polka dot pattern, classic black and white looks, knitwear, and fringe all completed the melting-pot-like collection. Other consistent elements included lots of plaids and checked patterns (a Fall 2020 trend), various suiting options, and Grazia Churi's now well-known staple, a graphic tee that drives home the larger messaging surrounding the show. (This time, it says "I Say I.") Notable accessories included headscarves and newsboy caps covering almost every look, fishnet socks, neckties, and signature logo belts and handbags.

While many of Dior Fall 2020's collection details revisited of what show attendees have come to expect from the design house in its current era, one can definitely admire the consistency and commitment given to the storytelling that is near to Grazia Chiuri's heart. Regardless of what issues are at the center of fashion in future seasons, we can all be assured when it comes to the conversations around feminism and highlighting female artists, Grazia Chiuri shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

See select looks from the Dior Fall 2020 runway show in the gallery below.





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