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The panel discussion brought together Cleo Wade, Kelela, Ana Kraš, Ian Isiah, and Syv de Blare.
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For over 31 years, Oliver Peoples has established itself as the premier destination for luxury eyewear. Each pair of specs is hand-crafted to express the brand's vintage-meets-modern Southern California aesthetic, a method that has separated them from fellow imitators. 

But in addition to craftsmanship, creativity has played a vital role in legitimizing the power of Oliver Peoples, which is why the idea of creativity itself inspired its latest campaign for a new line of eyewear.

Titled "In Conversation," the campaign centers around the stories of eight individuals who work in creative industries, where discussions of aspiration and artistic practice among the group work to inspire their respective creative processes. It's quite the Warholian/incubator experience, similar to the collaborative vibe of a French salon.

Photographed by Matthew Brookes, it stars French architects Hugo Sauzay and Charlotte de Tonnac, art dealer Lawrence Van Hagen, magazine mogul Dorian Grinspan, photographer Tasya Van Ree, gallery owner Jordan Watson, on the rise popstar CYN, and British singer Lianne La Havas. 

Here's to brands like Oliver Peoples who promote creative flow! 

Walk on Water

The polaroids included in your interviews give an intimate feel - it’s as if we’re smoking a joint with our friend. Who takes the photos?

I take all the polaroids, and thanks. That’s the point. In these interviews, it’s usually just the subject and myself, hanging out, having a real conversation, taking some pics. Just like you might with your friends anyway.

How do you approach interviewing someone? Are you just like “Hey, wanna smoke?”

Yeah, ‘hey Cher, wanna get high?’ Not really. I’m approaching people who are doing cool work, asking if we can have a conversation about something that’s interesting or important to them. And by the way, it’s 420-friendly.

Who would be your dream subject to smoke a joint with?

Think I can get Neil Degrasse Tyson and Tilda Swinton together?

Who do you think desperately needs to smoke a joint?

My mother! Just kidding. Pass.

Who is your next guest? Anything exciting coming up?

I am really excited about the interviews coming up, which feature a mix of award-winning authors, Michelin-awarded chefs, musicians on the rise, thought-provoking artists, community leaders. I’m open to suggestions, too. Who would you want to smoke a joint with? DM me!

You just launched your website for the series, Where do you see this venture going, in your wildest dreams?

If I’m lucky, I get to keep having real conversations with people forever, and I’d like to ultimately create something with what I learn from those. Hmm…What’s better than a hefty book? I live for books. Something you could get lost in while you, say, smoke a joint.


Read the interviews here. Follow One Joint With on Instagram.

Polaroid images by Alyssa Shapiro. 

Le Labo Camphor Balm

Since we’re (finally!) done prepping your bath, here are two secret rituals I recommend trying while you’re soaking: The first is getting your hands on the Le Labo Camphor Balm, which is a cooling ointment formulated with camphor, eucalyptus, and black pepper to stimulate, soothe, and calm skin—a product I can only lovingly describe as a bougie version of Vick’s VapoRub. All you have to do is lightly rub some on your temples, neck, and any other pulse points to help you relax—and although it’s perfect to use in the bath, you can take it with you anywhere for de-stressing on-the-go

"I think the world has been inspired by the aesthetic of the Bratz dolls."

Theory 3: Azealia's threesome theory was actually true and Grimes was simply comforting Elon after facing rejection.

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