A New Chanel Store Has Arrived In Chicago

From Magnificent Mile to Oak Avenue.
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After more than a century of producing elegant, ready to wear clothing, luxurious handbags, fragrances, chic footwear among other products,  the House of Chanel has fearlessly transformed fashion, offering timeless new perspectives on femininity. With a style reflective of the innovative vision of its creator, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, comes a rendition of the brand’s home in Chicago, designed by New York-based architect and frequent Chanel collaborator, Peter Marino.

Set to open on Wednesday, January 30, during one of the most blisteringly cold days of January weather the Midwest has ever seen, the 10,000-square-foot store on Oak Avenue marks the newest addition to the brand’s collection of worldwide boutiques. “With the size of our location at the Drake Hotel, as well as the increasing importance of the Chicago market, we were looking for a larger space that would allow us to showcase the universe of our house in a more expansive space,” explained Chanel Inc.’s president and COO John Galantic. Marino echoed that statement. “It’s essential that each location reflects a differentiated point of view, both through the product offering and design, so that we can continue to surprise and delight our clients,” he mused.

Upon entering the spacious Drake Hotel, viewers are met with a clean and fresh take on minimalist aesthetic with black granite, complemented by a white stone exterior, decorated with artwork, carpets, and upholstery. Viewers are greeted by glistening, extravagant jewels in clear, translucent cases, lined against glistening matte black, gold, white and beige walls. Mannequins are illuminated by a light-filled ground floor, decorated by other Chanel products such as handbags and footwear. After waltzing about the refined collections on the first floor, customers can head up a skylit staircase to the second floor that houses ready-to-wear collections, a shoe salon, and a lounge area for busy-bee shoppers in need of a quick breath. The three private fitting rooms are just as indulgent as the upholstered tweed chairs and other sumptuous furnishings, and the commissioned paintings that surround them.

So step into this wondrous new universe of Chanel, and be ready to be swept away, as if in a gleaming, harmonious dream of splendid interiors and finely pieced together embroideries.

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