DEERDANA Teams Up with Superga

Fans of the artist, are in for a treat.
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In a new collaboration, Italian footwear brand Superga teams up with NYC-based artist Dana Veraldi, who launched her line DEERDANA in 2007. Ever since, her signature, line-drawn sketches of pop culture icons printed on a crisp white tee have percolated into every closet south of 14th street. For those paying attention, Superga, too, has started conquering the feet of fashion’s coolest, which makes this pair ideal.

Unlike downtown, Dana’s designs for Superga feature the creepy crawlers one can find only in suburbia or forests; ants, bees, snakes, and worms cover the three unique designs. Channeling the shirts that launched her business, each shoe is entirely white, but with a gum sole. It all harkens back to naive years of childhood, when playing in the backyard with friends or climbing up a tree was the only form of entertainment.


The promotional video taps into that playful spirit, too; everyone involved is a close personal friend. The boys featured are Miles Garber and David Gagliardi, of the band Swimsuit Issue, and the girls are Veraldi’s interns. Friends Ian Bradley and Maggie Mondanile both contributed too, on styling and makeup, respectively. LA-based crew EIR Studio filmed and edited the video. It’s simple and cute — very much like the collaboration.


So what are you waiting for? Step right in.


DEERDANA x Superga

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