Travel in Color with Kendall and Libby Glazer's Customizable Accessories Brand

Beginning in the sisters' bedroom, Stoney Clover Lane quickly became a celebrity favorite, and now the duo is ready to take their brand to new heights.
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Entrepreneurial designers Kendall and Libby Glazer successfully made their teenage passion for customizable accessories into a full-fledged career, and it all started as a fun hobby. Crafting bracelets at the ages of 15 and 17, the sisters unknowingly birthed Stoney Clover Lane, their brand of bright, personalized travel and lifestyle accessories. “Stoney Clover Lane is really an extension of our lives: from where we travel to how we pack to what we're loving and what we're discovering,” explained the Glazers. “So many products come from something we realize we need in our everyday lives or when we’re preparing for a trip.” From duffle bags to pencil cases, the sisters truly didn’t miss a beat with their extensive product line, filling every void with an eye-catching pouch to carry your belongings in style.

Founded in the sisters’ bedroom, Stoney Clover Lane transcended the walls of the house and landed in the palms of celebrities at an alarmingly rapid pace. “We were early to social media, and we decided to use Twitter to reach out to celebrities,” the two told us of their growth strategies. “We hadn’t heard of other brands tweeting to celebrities directly, but we went for it because we knew that we loved seeing what young Hollywood celebrities were wearing and knew other people probably felt the same.” Their efforts paid off, as stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber began sporting their bracelets in 2009, which allowed the Glazers to expand their product offering and explore different realms of accessory design.   

Having taken advantage of social media as a marketing strategy early on, Kendall and Libby have established their brand on various platforms. While they use the apps for product promotion and professional branding, they also log on for inspiration from consumers.  “We love interacting with our followers on social media to discuss new ideas and ask their opinions on colors or designs," they explained. "It’s an amazing focus group to have right at our fingertips." Speaking directly to customers, Stoney Clover Lane makes a conscious effort to establish a personal relationship with its supporters, seamlessly coinciding with the endless personalization options that make each purchase unique. 

Along with the playful color selections, Stoney Clover Lane offers a multitude of patches that consumers can use to make their bags more personal. Whether it be a monogram of seashell letters or a glittering palm tree, the options are endless to make each purchase your own. After finding success online, Kendall and Libby opened physical locations in Palm Beach and East Hampton, where the customization experience comes to life. “We’ve created a place for people to connect with each other and have fun while making unique designs," they said. "A place where our guests come in groups to celebrate milestones and explore new products that we’re loving." The commemorative and collaborative store experience elevates the brand beyond just accessories and pushes Stoney Clover Lane’s notion of community-building to the forefront. As physical manifestations of the brand’s online success, the stores are realizing the Glazers' dreams of bringing people together via the personalization of their trendy travel essentials. The brand simultaneously caters to modern individualistic tendencies and fosters bonds between its fans, so you can go shopping with your friends without worrying about falling in love with the exact same product.

“Go with your gut and figure out the details later,” the sisters said of their mindset as they grow their business. “For us, just going for it has worked to our advantage from day one. Sometimes the best thing to do is trust yourself and your ideas.” With complete trust in their charming designs, the Glazers were able to skyrocket their bedroom hobby into a full-time business, and they’re nowhere near done. The entrepreneurial sisters have plans to expand their engaged community with their store experience and fresh updates to their collection, so more whimsical appeal is certain to come soon. The next generation of celebrity fans could be on the horizon, but regardless of what happens, the brand's bright colors are sure to stand out on Instagram and in real life.

See more of Stoney Clover Lane's products here.



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