Kim Kardashian West Has Been Modeling Yeezy Season 6

After attending past Yeezy presentations, we're not complaining about the designer's new show format.
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Fashion week this past September was noticeably missing something: Kanye West's Yeezy Season 6 presentation. Editors, stylists, and writers were eagerly awaiting news about whether one would happen — with a little bit of dread, albeit, given his past show misadventures, one of which included a trip to a former Small Pox hospital on a remote island. Still, as much as they love to complain about it, fashion-philiacs live for the drama of a Yeezy presentation (perhaps it's just the idea of something, anything exciting happening at NYFW). So, we were all disappointed when his PR confirmed that there was never one intended for the Spring 2018 show schedule.

The sixth season of Kanye's coveted line began to fade from peoples' minds — until last week, when the designer's wife, Kim Kardashian West, was caught sporting unseen pieces of what looked a lot like the brand's signature monochrome, neutral designs in public. A few days and a few posts later, Kardashian West confirmed that they were in fact Yeezy Season 6. She was snapped wearing as many as nine different looks in one day. It might be untraditional, but, when you're married to one of the most-watched women in the world, why not break the traditional fashion show format and debut your pieces in public for maximum exposure? After all, let's face it: these pieces are basically made for Kim anyway. 

It's unclear when the new line will be made available to the public, but if he's still sticking with the fashion calendar, it should be early next year. In the meantime, swipe through a gallery of the looks debuted so far below.


Images courtesy of Instagram / @kimkardashian and @yeezymafia.

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